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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need technical skills to setup Foundation?

You will need some time from a technical person to set up the data integration between your internal data storage and Foundation, which is done through our API.

Do you support third-party integrations?

We’re supporting some third-party integrations out of the box, focusing on common platforms like Hubspot, Stripe, Intercom, and Zendesk. If these aren’t enough, with some technical experience it’s easy to add your own, or get in touch with our team - we’re prioritising new integrations all the time!

Where is the Foundation platform located?

Foundation is a hosted SaaS platform, so there’s no need to think about data sizes or deployment, we handle everything for you. It runs on top of AWS, so you can be assured of best-in-class security and performance.

Do I need any special skills to build a tool in Foundation?

Once Foundation is configured it’s simple to set up the tools you need - no need to know SQL or write any code, our visual editors can be used for everything.

Does Foundation connect directly to our database? 

Foundation has its own data storage system so there is no need to connect directly to your databases. This allows us to tightly control data access to help you with your compliance needs, and to enable our visual approach to building your internal tools.

How secure is Foundation?

You can restrict access to the Foundation API through our API key management layer, and we support access control to data and pages through the Foundation UI. Sign-in to Foundation is done through Google’s SSO product, although we’re planning to add more SSO options over time.