Build the powerful backoffice tools that your SaaS business needs – without writing a line of code.

Foundation is a NoCode platform that enables anyone in your business to build backoffice tools with ease to support your product.

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Empower anyone to build the backoffice tools they need

Foundation enables anyone in your business to build custom tools. From customer success to sales, anyone can start creating solutions that interact with your product and business data. No code, no wasted costs, no downtime.

Create any tool with ready made components

Piece together your custom tools and apps with ready-made components and templates, no more starting from the ground up every time. From deep diving into customer data to flipping your product’s feature flags, Foundation has the power to build it all at lightning speed.

Automate your business workflows 

Automate repetitive tasks and business processes using Foundation’s powerful workflow engine. Need to cancel an account in Stripe, then send the customer an email through Sendgrid, then update their status in your own product? With Foundation you can run the whole task in one click - or even choose when it gets automatically triggered.

Why Foundation?

Set your developers free to focus on your core product

Every Saas business needs internal backoffice tools to operate their business. Why not use a flexible NoCode platform based on best practice templates, ready-made components, and customizable workflows instead of building them yourself?

Use case examples
Customer & user data management
Create and manage your customer data in holistic views by combining internal product data with third-party data from tools like Hubspot or Stripe. Filter this data down inside Foundation to see a contextual view of what’s important to your teams.
Set up and manage feature flags
Manage all your product’s feature flags based on your customer data. Easily create an internal tool to open up features in your product or manage access to alpha/beta features.
Managing your customer trials
Use your product data alongside your Stripe data to create, extend, and cancel customer trials from a single place. Use our access controls to manage who can perform which actions.
Plan and payment management
Create an internal tool for your commercial teams to manage customer plans, discounts or refunds without having to log into multiple external systems.
Business process management 
Set up business workflows that interact with internal product data or third-party tools, from simple approval flows to a mix of third-party and internal actions.
How to get started

Build any backoffice tool in just a few simple steps

Foundation is simple to integrate into your current tech stack, minimizing developers' time spent and letting business teams build the  backoffice tools themselves.

Design your data model

Plan out the data model for your business to give your internal teams the overview they need

Implement and push data

Push data in real-time to our secure API from your data warehouse or operational data stores

Setup powerful workflows

Visually implement custom workflows that seamlessly connect your product and third-party tools

Create internal tools

Create fully custom internal tools using flexible ready-made building blocks
— in a matter of minutes

Frequently asked questions

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Stop wasting your developers’ time on tasks they don’t need to do. 

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